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today I will Explain 35 life changing movies, No one watches movies to change lives, to spend time watching, hoping to be entertained. But from time to time we witness some movies that go inside the chest and push, the nature of the brain is upside down.

The world of our thinking changes after watching some movies, some movies have the power to change our attitude towards ourselves, society or state, certain events. These movies become a daily part of our lives, become our friends or relatives. Today’s event with 35 such movies.

The article will be 35 life changing movies bigger for good reason. But the list of movies mentioned here will definitely change your life. So I hope you will stay with us till the end. Let’s get started.

Forrest Gump

The main story of the movie begins at some point in 1971, at a bus station. Gump’s voice describes how Bokasoka Forest Gump accidentally linked his life to some of the most important political events in American history. Without any effort, he became a football star, had the opportunity to meet John F. Kennedy in person, joined the Vietnam War on behalf of the country, became involved in the lucrative shrimp business, took part in the countryside race year after year. Not only that, he also exposed the Water Gate scandal. Gump spent time with John Lennon.

In his simple personality and simple life, Forrest Gum has always wanted his childhood friend Jenny. But the innocent, simple Forrest Gum witnessed all the great events in America. Yet in the end, he remained normal.

Forrest Gump is one of Tom Hanks’ many great movies. The movie ranks 13th on IMDB’s list of the best 250 movies of all time. The 1994 Oscar-winning movie is Forrest Gump

The pursuit of happiness

If you want motivation or like a motivational story then I would say there can be no better story than this. The movie seems to bring a feeling of goodness from within. Being Real Story-based, the movie becomes more lively. The Pursuit of Happyness is a shining example of how much a father can do for his family.

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shashanka Redemption. Originally the movie was a biography of prisoner Andy, but it’s not entirely accurate. Awesome plot, screenplay, acting and quotes – all of which takes the movie to the top of IMDB’s highest-rated movies.
Although he did not kill his wife, Andy was falsely convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Then in the movie his life in prison is highlighted, where Andy finds his new friend, works for the people in prison and is tortured. I will not reveal the inside story, they will make the movie special to you. There is a twist at the end of the movie!

A Beautiful Mind

The name of the movie is A Beautiful Mind, but this movie will not let your mind be in such a beautiful state. Because in many places in this movie, you will be confused about different decisions, you will be confused.

The movie begins after the end of the first half of John Nash’s life. He was appointed co-recipient at Princeton University. Proceeding from there he went to MIT. There he meets the love of his life and they get married. The main topic of this movie is the next moment when everything is going so far. John Nash’s beautiful mind is inhabited by some unknown things and characters. You must watch this movie to know how John Nash cuts the next time.


A short-time boxer gets an extremely rare opportunity to fight a heavyweight champion where he tries to maintain distance for his self-esteem.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 British feature film directed by Danny Boyle, screenwriter Simon Boffoy and produced by Christian Colson. The film is based on the Indian author Bikash Swarup’s novel Q&A (2005). The protagonist of the story, Jamal Malik, age 18, lives in the Juhu slum in Mumbai. He took part in the famous reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati and gave the correct answer at every step. Others accused him of cheating. Then Jamal narrates his whole life story and explains how he answered all the questions.

Life Is Beautiful

This is a perfect illustration of how a father can turn terrible captivity into a game for his child.
Life is really beautiful! The life that is devoted to the beloved, the life that keeps the child in love, the life that dies, even the life that dies, can’t that life be beautiful for the child for love? SO, Life Is Beautiful. Movies were full of emotion. Tears will come to the eyes! The hero’s extraordinary performance will be remembered forever.

Dead Poets Society

The story of the Dead Poet Society begins with the Orientation Program of the traditional and renowned Weldon Academy. Principal Nolan explained in a solemn speech how “Tradition. Honour. Discipline. Excellence ”- This school and its alumni have been successful based on these four ideals. At the end of the orientation, he introduced everyone to Mr Keats, the new teacher at the academy. From this year he will teach literature to students at Weldon Academy.

At the beginning of the class, Mr Keats’s teaching style was very different from that of the other teachers at the academy. Instead of reading poetry, he tried to spread the feeling of poetry among his students – and taught “Carpe Diem”. The students swallowed every word of this exceptional teacher.
How to enjoy this day without worrying about who will be successful in life.

Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg’s world-renowned reputation as a director. So if he made a film about World War II, there is no doubt that it will be different from all other films! Spielberg has kept the dignity of his name, just as he tells the story of saving Ryan. He did his best to highlight the history and reality, for which he did not hesitate to tell some bitter truth. As a result, Saving Private Ryan is recognized as one of the best films of World War II.

3 Idiots

Three Idiots set a shining example of friendship. Prince Hirani’s film stars Aamir Khan, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. After its release, it broke all opening box office records in India. The story progresses with the friendship of the three, laughter-joke, separation-tragedy, tragedy, small break-up. Anushka Sharma auditioned for the movie, which was released in 2009 but did not get a chance to work. Rancho was more talented than Farhan and Raju. It is a comedy-drama film. Occasionally there are shocking incidents.

127 Hours

When a mountaineer is trapped under a rock, he canyoning alone near Moab, Utah, desperately trying to survive.

Remember the Titans

The true story of a newly appointed African-American coach and his high school team on their first season as a racially integrated unit.

Soul Surfer

I am not often compelled to write movie reviews online, but after seeing some bad reviews that this film has received, I have decided that I will. This movie is worth your time and money. True, some scenes may seem cheap and I think my brother could make a good CGI shark. That’s not the point. Anna Sophia does a great job playing the role of Rob Bethany Hamilton, a 13-year-old girl determined to continue what she likes after losing an arm to a shark.

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

The first thing to stop is to see the big name of the movie. Harassment is the only way to find out the meaning of the name. Cuckoo or cuckoo is not home at all. They lay their eggs in the crow’s nest – when they build a nest or the cuckoo forgets to sing. So how is it possible to fly over a cuckoo’s nest? What does it mean to fly? If you don’t know the story of the movie, it is normal to ask these questions!

And asking questions means you will be encouraged to watch the film. That is, the storyteller/director is successful. The funny thing is that many people can’t figure out the meaning of the name even after looking at the whole picture.

The Help

Although there are multiple flaws in the story’s texture, Bell Bottom won the hearts of the audience due to its rich entertainment and Akki’s acting.
The way Akshay Kumar, 53-year-old, has blown up and captured the fit look in this film, in a word, has taken the fans by storm. A slim, handsome agent, he is not at all inconsistent with the word.


It is said that it is harder to defend than to achieve freedom. But if you don’t have freedom, how do you protect it? This movie is about the story of gaining independence.

Mel Gibson. The name is enough to identify the caste. Besides acting, he has also won the hearts of people all over the world with his direction. One of the proofs of this is Braveheart.

The Untouchables

The curse of paralysis is an unbearable problem. It is not an easy task for a lame person to perform all the tasks starting from daily feeding, toilet, bathing, service and nursing. The story of this movie is also about a lame man who was a paraglider in a health profession. The movie is based on the true story of the famous French paraglider Philippe. After being paralyzed in an accident while paragliding, people were kept for care but within a week everyone resigned. In the end, the job was given to a fierce lizard named “Dress”, who was jailed for 6 months in a gold shop robbery case.

Spirited Away

After a year and a half of wandering around the anime community, I have come up with some fantastic ideas about different fanbases. Especially the difference between anime movie and anime series viewers is noticeable.

In both cases, there is a relatively small number of viewers who travel equally. Again, many series viewers do not watch the movie at all. For some reason, some great anime movies have become less popular. In the case of special Bangladeshi viewers, it is difficult to speak outside. However, these movies are much appreciated in Cinema.

Million Dollar Baby

The million-dollar baby movie is directed by Clint Eastwood. FX Tul was the author of such a beautiful story. The Million Dollar Baby was released in 2004. The ৩০ 30 million baby movies grossed 6217.7 million at the box office.

The Truman Show

The story begins when Truman is legally adopted by a giant corporation. Every second since Truman’s birth, they have been videotaping the show live around the world, called “The Truman Show.” The feature of this show is that the hero himself does not know that he is actually the hero of a reality show, due to which it becomes the most “real” reality show in the world… and also the most popular.

Truman’s idea is that he is an ordinary man doing a small job, his father died while fishing in the sea with him. But his face is said to be the most familiar face in the world, with 5,000 cameras constantly broadcasting around the world. The city he lives in is actually a huge set, and every man in that city is a trained actor, doing everything with the script of the show. In this way, day after day, year after year, when Truman was 30 years old, the trouble was over. Although Truman is married (of course to his heroine according to the script), he falls in love with one of the show’s extras.

That girl tells Truman that everything in her life is actually fake, and then Truman begins to have doubts in his mind. Although the girl was immediately thrown out of the show, Truman’s shadow fell on her mind! Truman’s attempt to find the truth began

Mary and Max

In 1986, an 8-year-old Australian girl named ‘Mary’ was living alone as a housewife. At the same time, a man living in America, a country thousands of miles away, is lonely and mentally disturbed. The man’s name is Max. Both have no friends. Then there was the custom of being a pen friend. In such a situation a letter from a little girl came to America from Australia. The girl says- “My name is Mary, I am 6 years old. How is your baby in America? In our Australia, grandparents come out of coffee mugs, Mom said. You eat a lot of cans, do your little grandparents come out of cans here? ” Thus begins an unequal friendship of unequal age. Then the story of friendship goes on. A very awesome movie.

Yes Man

Jim Carrey may have been a bit down with his sacrifice and greyness. But the funny man in the mask is still funny, minus the mask. As a bank officer Carl, he performs more with his middle-aged music than with the characteristic contraction of his facial muscles. A proverbial ‘no’ man, Carl goes through a client empowerment program that includes if he says ‘yes’ to every opportunity if he really wants to climb the bandwagon of success. Hard, but capable, determined Carrie said and began to say yes to anything, however bizarre and impossible.


Who is the hero and who is the villain? Stephen Spielberg, the director of Saving Private Ryan, said that in the last one hundred years of the history of the world, there have never been such terrible but important events like the Second World War. In fact, multiple contradictory aspects drive the dynamics of war politics.

The Diving bell and the butterfly

The movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was directed by Julian Schnabel and the story was written by Ronald Harwood. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly were released in 2006. With a budget of ৮ 12.7 million, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly movie grossed ৮ 19.7 million at the box office.

Cast Away

There are some movies, after watching how the inside of the chest becomes awful, the thirst for a cigarette wakes up across the chest! There are some movies, you can’t recognize yourself when you get up and stand in front of the mirror; I feel anxious- who am I? Man, or miserable? There are some movies, the names and plots seem to be very common, in the movie folder unseen on the hard disk in the middle of one and a half movies are lying in the lake like a lot of watermelon blossoms.

There are some movies that are incredibly simple, but the mind writes the feelings inside the head as soon as they see them; One dialogue, one expression, resonates with the neurons of the brain. An unfortunate person – wherever he wants, the sea dries up. Only another unfortunate person understands his suffering, his war, his struggle, his sweat! Only another unfortunate person can awaken hope in his mind, and nature can!

The Terminal

After landing at the airport you find out that there is a queue in your country, the government has been declared void and at the same time your passport has no value. You are an uninvited person in the language of the Airport Authority.

You cannot leave the airport. He is not able to return to the country as all international communication with the country is closed. You never know how long you will be stuck at the airport. You don’t even know where to stay, where to eat, what to do.

Seven Pounds

One man wants to change the lives of seven people. How? What is the reason? Many people can’t accept the way the movie ends. Will Smith is in the lead role.


The three working women of the middle-class family are Minal, Falak and Andrea. After returning home from the office, laughter, jokes and gossip started among the three friends. After a rock concert, the three girlfriends went to dinner with the handsome, handsome Rajiv and two other friends at the resort in Surajkund.

This is where the story turns. The situation got out of hand after two sips of drink. After a while, Andrea realizes that Dumpy (Rasul Tandon) and Rajiv are trying to rape Minal. Andia can hear Minal’s cries in a daze. But he does not have the power to help. Minal threw bottles at the attackers in a bid to protect his self-esteem and reputation. They fled the resort with their fingers in their eyes. They returned home with the terrible incident of the night.

Schindler’s List

In World War II, the German government carried out genocide and brutal torture on some tribes, including the Jews. Oskar Schindler is a German industrialist who saved about 1,200 Jews from Hitler. Tactically, he brought these Jews from a factory of military compulsory labour, first to his own factory in Poland and later to a factory near his home in the Czech Republic.

In this way, Schindler protected them until the end of the war. He was able to save many Jews, but his idea was that he could save many more.

The green mile

The main story of the movie The Green Mile is based on the execution of John Coffey, a convict who was sentenced to death in 1930. Although Tom is the main character, Tom is shown in an old age home at the beginning of the movie. Tom was listening to the story of one of the strangest experiences of his career at the tea table to a female friend in his old age home.

Life motivation can be taken from the last few lines of the movie ‘The Green Mile from the experience of watching several movies related to jail, punishment, execution. At the very end of the movie, Tom is shown again as a 108-year-old man. Even at the age of 106, a person with a healthy intellect and conscience is spending his last life with all the success of his work.


Rush Formula 1 presents a summary of the historic historical rivalry between legendary Nicki Lauda and James Hunt; A true fact that seems almost perfect for Hollywood adaptations.

Rush initially thinks it’s a character drama, it never seems to become a Keats period piece, or it doesn’t lean too much into his racing scene as a crutch. While the movie goes out of its way to make sure you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy it, it makes the racing scenes stunning, cars seem more cameras than props.

The two central characters obviously share their love for the sport but are able to see it from a conflicting perspective – one romantic and the other counting.

I was fascinated by the film’s ability to repeatedly make me lose faith that from the point of view I felt right, no character was presented as more legitimate than the other. Although these characters were initially deviant towards caricaturists, the central twist of the films really helped to rearrange men’s careers and philosophy. My personal highlight of Rush was Daniel Brohl’s strong portrayal of Nicky Louder.


In the movie, Ranbir Kapoor’s name is Veda, who is tired of living according to the rules of society. Coincidentally, he met a girl named Tara (Deepika Padukone) in France. The two are friends. The two spend a lot of time having fun together. However, both of them continue to lie to each other about their real life.

At the same time, the Vedas and Tara promise that neither of them will meet anyone. After returning from France, the two became busy with their own lives. But then they can understand that they love each other. Through all this, the story progresses with the help of laughter, fun and love.

Into The wild

James Bond has retired from work. His goal is to live a safe living alone. Suddenly a black cloud fell. James Bond is involved in the unravelling of the mystery of Project Heracles. The more Agent 007 gets involved in this case, the more likely he is to lose everything. How much risk will Bond 007 take?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, which means life does not come a second time. You can only live once! How is it that, life does not really come a second time??? Man overcomes all fears in one life, leaving all the sorrows of life aside and moving forward is shown in this movie in the form of the story of three friends.

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything is directed by James Marsh and written by Anthony McCartney. The Theory of Everything was released in 2014. The movie has received a rating of 7.6 with 3,69,193 votes so far in the Internet Movie Database. The Theory of Everything movie with a budget of 15 million earned 123.6 million at the box office.

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