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What is the inside story of Shakira and pique break up? Why did the most dynamic couple in the sports and entertainment media break up? The footballing world has been shaken up by a big controversy regarding The Footballer Pique and pop star Shakira. It all began after multiple reports started to claim that the pair who have been together for 11 years have broken up. On Sunday, May 6th the couple took to social media that they have mutually parted ways. Several news reports have identified Pique was having an affair outside their relationship. That was the main reason that the couple decided to part ways.

Career inside story of Shakira and pique break up

Gerard Pique Bernabeu, commonly known as Pique started in the La Masia football academy. He was a promising player in the youth ranks. Barcelona’s La Masia academy has a reputation for producing many superstar footballers.

Shakira is a Colombian singer. She has often been titled the queen of Latin Pop. Her unique vocal range and the hit songs over the years have made her a global phenomenon.

When the news inside the breakup of Shakira and Pique was spread, everyone was shocked. They were regarded as one of the most wholesome couples. Fans from the music entertainment world and the footballing world idolized them. So, when rumors were speculating on the internet about their possible breakup it took the world by a shock. How did the couple adored and idolized by the world suddenly meet their demise? To understand what led Shakira and Pique’s breakup we need to understand the chronology of their relationship.

The official confirmation of Shakira and Pique’s Breakup

The announcement shared by both celebrities came just a few days after a newspaper first disclosed inside the story of Shakira and Pique’s breakup. Barcelona-based newspaper El Periodic released a report suggesting that Shakira found out about the alleged cheating incident between Pique and another woman.

As the news spread more and more rumors started to unveil that they were already separated. They also weren’t living under the same roof. Despite nothing confirmed, the media went crazy about the incident. The fame and reach of the couple drew more attention.

A Timeline of Shakira and Pique’s Relationship

The iconic FIFA world cup of 2010 took place in Africa. This particular world cup is very well known for its iconic matches. At the same time, the world cup themed songs are still considered one of the best. Shakira sang the most anticipated official FIFA World Cup theme song.

The song ‘Waka Waka’ is still considered the best theme song of the World cup. During the music video shoot, the pair met each other for the first time. Pique was part of the great Spanish National team that won that year. A lot of reporting and rumors were circulating regarding the couple after the world cup. The newspapers claimed that they have a new celebrity power couple just like David and Victoria Beckham.

Shakira took to the media and confirmed in 2011 that indeed they were in a relationship. With a loving caption, the pop star said, “I present to you my sunshine” and thus began the Pique Shakira era. Gerard Pique confirmed the relationship in a newspaper, called Mundo Depotivo a Barcelona-based Spanish newspaper.

First Appearance of Shakira and Pique together

The Balon D’or ceremony is considered one of the prestigious events in the footballing world. The best players are honored and their contribution to the club and national team is recognized. The red carpet event creates a lot of buzzes. The couple first took to the red carpet event in 2012 and later attended the Gala together. In 2013 they announced the arrival of their first son and then again in 2015 they welcomed their second child. The couple always seemed happy and posted beautiful moments of their life on social media.

Not only that, the Latin pop star dedicated a hit song in her partner’s name in 2017 called ‘Me Enamore’. Forbes went on to declare them one of the most powerful couples in the world in 2020. A song released by Shakira this year hinted that their relationship is going through a rough patch. On 4th June 2022, the couple took to their social media and called it quits.

Reason for the Breakup between Shakira and Pique

In a statement, Shakira said, ” We regret to confirm that we are parting ways,”. At the same time, another joint statement from the couple said that “For the well-being of our children, who are our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thanks for your understanding.”

But the real reason behind the breakup was something more deeply rooted. Emilio Perez, a Spanish journalist, speculated that it was indeed because of the footballer’s infidelity. There are strong indicators that the rumors might be true. Shakira, who has his partner Pique all over their Instagram, hasn’t put up any photos of him since March. Shakira’s latest song which she released in April hinted at the unfaithful behavior of Pique. She even went as far as calling him a two-faced person.

Pique’s Alleged Romance Rumors

Other big news portals reports suggest that the footballer was caught in an act of infidelity. Even multiple news outlets have claimed that the mother of a certain football player in Barcelona is involved in this scandal. The newspaper el Periodico, which released the news of the couple breaking up in the first place claimed that a 20-year-old student became Pique’s lover.

All over the internet, all types of rumors began to spread like wildfire. Some news outlets went as far as claiming that it was the mother of a young 17-year-old Barcelona player Gavi that was Pique’s secret lover. However, this news is not verified and is less likely to be true. Some even claimed that Gavi stopped following Pique after that whole timer incident. But it was all baseless rumors. After fans and Barcelona followers took to the internet and thoroughly investigated the matter they dismissed the claims.

Concluding Thoughts

But the internet did not stop its theories regarding the matter. They even claimed that Pique might even try to contact his ex-girlfriend Nuria Thomas. But again the rumors were dismissed. Another big rumor that was eventually added to inside the story of Shakira and Pique’s breakup was that related to Pique and a Brazilian Model. She claimed that Pique is “Always asking me how big my butt was”. Marca a Spanish newspaper revealed that Gerard Pique has allegedly sent sexually provoking illicit messages to Brazilian social media influencer Suzy Cortez.
Barcelona fans have been recently traumatized by the poor run of form that the club has been going through.

Again, the financial instability has made the club unstable and unable to function well in the transfer window. The news surrounding the defender and the Pop star’s entanglement has further tainted the reputation of Pique and reflected badly on the club. Pique is a legendary player and one of the icons of the club. The club expects more from him at the same time the fans just don’t want to be embarrassed by another turbulence in the club.


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