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WhatsApp is close to launching a new in-call user interface. Earlier this year, the popular instant messaging platform was seen implementing a new call user interface or UI, which was exclusively for iOS users. However, this time it was revealed from another new report that WhatsApp is also coming up with a new call interface for Android.

Recently a picture was seen with this new call interface. So let’s get to know all the information about this new call user interface of WhatsApp.

From now on, a gray square will appear in the middle of the screen during WhatsApp calls, according to a report from WhatsApp status tracker WABTineFour. The UI buttons allow you to switch everything from speakers (hands-free), video calls, muted and disconnected calls, and the buttons will remain just below the screen as before.

One more thing to note is that during a one-on-one call, the gray square will show you the name of the contact you are talking to and just below that you can see how long you have been talking to that caller. Below that are two more large circles, where the user’s profile picture will be shown.

At the same time again we see that there is a small mute button just below the right side of the gray card. Below that is another mute button, along with a video call, loudspeaker, and call button. However, these two mute buttons should not be confused. Because, the new mute button has been given, most likely if the user on the other end can be muted without cutting any call, for that reason.

The gray card background image has the default WhatsApp chat background. However, reports say that the background image can be customized and users can set their own chat background, which will be shown during any of their calls.

This interface is also going to change during group calling, which is now going to be much clearer than before. As before, a user interface like Mosaic could be seen, this time it will be changed to show multiple gray cards. Each gray card will have a member of the group participating in the video call. The cards will have the contact’s name at the top and profile picture and an audio waveform at the bottom.

For now, you will see some selected users of this user interface of WhatsApp. Not all beta testers will get a chance to see this UI. It is only available for testing by those who use the WhatsApp beta version 2.22.54. So once this new in-call user interface has been tested, it is expected that a stable version will be launched soon, which will be visible to all WhatsApp users.


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