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Friday marked the one-hundredth day since Russia decided to invade Ukraine and news updates on Russia and Ukraine are still trending. The globe has been bombarded with news and coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict during the last few months.

The prospect of Russia’s imminent preparations to attack Ukraine was predicted by US intelligence services. The US embassy in Ukraine has been cleaned out, and US staff have been called back. On the morning of February 24th, the fears were realized to be justified. Russia declared war on Ukraine and approved the invasion of the country by its military.

Casualty Update on Russia and Ukraine

  1. On the Ukrainian side total of 4,152 people were killed. Male casualties:1,572Women casualties: 1,039 out of which there were 98 unfortunate children, and 100 male children, as well as 71 children and 1,300 adults who are yet to be identified.
  2. It is estimated that approximately 4,500 were injured with almost nine hundred or more men. Almost 700 women had to lose their life, of which there were more than a hundred innocent girls and 150 boys. led and 2,825 injured.
  3. On Government-controlled territory: 4,500 casualties were recorded.

On the Russian side

11,600–27,600 people were slain (est.) Personnel of more than four thousand were killed in the conflict. Russia’s Ministry of Defense is notoriously famous for hiding the actual number of casualties stated on March 25 that 1,351 Russian soldiers have died in action, and the injury number was 3,825. It is further alleged till now.

Border news updates in Ukraine

Until now, in Ukraine’s Luhansk, the Ukrainian forces have been forced to retreat by the heavily armed Russian military. Putin has reinforced and the Russian military is mobilized strongly in that region. The recent media backlash and western campaign against Russia have triggered Putin to go harder than before. As of now, it seems there is no halt to the atrocities.

The governor of eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk region has expressed grave concern over the situation. Global inflation is pumping up due to the continuous war that has been going on and now it seems the war is fought over patience. The patience will dictate who will control the momentum. The dispute has also spread between Kyiv and Moscow over grain exports. No one wants to take a risk and attempt a transaction in war-torn countries. Point to be noted that Russia and Ukraine contribute to a major amount of wheat supply in the global marketplace.

Resource Shortage Update on Russia and Ukraine

The shortage of other resources that cannot be exported out of Russia and Ukraine is creating a domino effect. The same domino effect is taking the global economies into potential hyperinflation. At the same time, a huge amount of edible oil is also sourced from both these countries. Other countries that depend on Russia and Ukraine for the supply of oil have pumped up the prices to control the demand. This demand management is hard to accomplish in countries with large populations and uncontrolled consumption.

As Russia has used military strategies to obstruct the Black Sea ports the global food crisis is piling up. Every day the market remains unpredictable. At the same time uncertainty is looming up in the consumption sector. Again, human rights organizations have been closely monitoring the war crimes committed by Russian troops.
This war is a historical testament to the bravery of Sievierodonetsk defenders. They have stood firm against Russian opposition. But the news update on Russia and Russia and Ukraine suggests that the defenders have fallen. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has confirmed the tragic but drave fall of the defenders. ” In many respects, the fate of the Donbas is being decided there,”. These were the painful remarks by the Ukrainian president on the situation.

At the same time, he is communicating with the entire world and the western allies in online briefings.

Ukraine’s attempts to bolster the economy in war

The most current news update on Russia and Ukraine suggests that Ukraine is looking for options to bolster the money sector. This is due to the war which is costing them a lot of money. As the grain exports are looking hard to accomplish, Ukraine is opting to earn billions of euros from Electricity exports. The last thing Ukraine wants is to be depleted of money in wartime.

The news update on Russia and Russia and Ukraine also explores the Ukrainian policies with the EU. The European Union has provided a gateway for Ukraine to make 1.5 billion in potential electricity exports. The Ukrainian energy ministry is highly optimistic about the deal. Again some ray of hope has emerged from their ally in the EU. Despite the inconvenience in grain exports, Germany is coming forward to help Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky and the German Chancellor have agreed on a potential grain export system. The recent news update on Russia and Ukraine has revealed the meeting of the two heads of military and economic help. Germany is the biggest powerhouse in the EU and they are proctoring the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

The world economy is on the brink of reporting a global growth forecast that is relatively downgraded. OECD reports that “the world is set to pay a hefty price for Russia’s war against Ukraine.” The growth and development of the global economy will be set at least 3% decile from 4.5%. It is alarming and very much will carry its consequences. The news update on Russia and Ukraine suggests that the world is going to face an uncontrollable amount of price hikes.

Recent news update on Russia and Ukraine regarding global consequences

In a recent news update on Russia and Russia and Ukraine, “Inflation projections now stand at nearly 9% in OECD countries in 2022, twice what we were previously projecting,” said OECD Chief Economist and Deputy Secretary-General Laurence Boone, adding that “the extent to which growth will be lower and inflation higher will depend on how the war evolves, but it is clear the poorest will be hit hardest.”

According to the official statement made by the governor of the Luhansk area, Russian forces occupy the majority of the vital Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk. The atrocities are continuing vigorously as bombarding the twin city of Lysychansk, resulting in significant devastation. This particular news update on Russia and Ukraine has expressed significant reasons to worry about the situation.

Energy costs have already risen over the world. Sanctions and counter-sanctions have disrupted and halted the supply chain system, resulting in raw material shortages around the world. This extended conflict has halted 29 percent of the wheat supply, which is split between Russia and Ukraine. The Sri Lankan government has collapsed as a result of the conflict’s ramifications, and commodity prices, such as cooking oil, have risen dramatically. Gas and oil prices around the world are already shifting, and the global economy is now facing an uncertain future.


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