Queen misses jubilee service attended by Prince Harry and Meghan

Queen misses the Jubilee service attended by Prince Harry and Meghan the second’ the Monarch of the United Kingdom celebrated her historical Platinum Jubilee. This event is being observed all over the UK and the Commonwealth of Nations to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. She becomes now the longest-reigning female monarch. She took the responsibility for the throne on 6th February 1952. She has gone through a lot of world events in her reign as the Queen. She is notable for her diplomatic decisions and leniency for the modern world.

The Queen and her reign

The UK observed an extra day holiday on June 3rd. Again, the official bank holiday was shifted to 2nd June marking a two-day holiday. As a result, a prolonged holiday to properly celebrate the remarkable achievement went on from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June.

The Commonwealth nations and the UK government jointly planned various activities to highlight the illustrious career of the Queen. But due to some health issues, it is reported that the Queen misses the jubilee service attended by Prince Harry and Meghan.

The Queen in her official Accession day message expressed her heartfelt gratitude toward the people. She glorified the event as a catalyst to bring together families and friends, neighbors, and communities.

She remarked that the historical event “affords me a time to reflect on the goodwill shown to me by people of all nationalities, faiths, and ages in this country and around the world over these years.”
She also promised to serve the nation as long as she can to the best of her abilities. About the future she said

Preparation for the jubilee

Multiple pictures and footage were released by the royal press to show how the Queen prepared for this day. Global leaders and big countries along with the Commonwealth sent messages and tributes. The secondary day kicked off with the traditional religious service at the St Paul’s Cathedral in central London on Friday. The headlines started to circulate when the Queen was seen absent from the ritual. As a result, many reports and rumors were speculated in the news outlets and the media. But it was announced from the Queen’s close sources that she failed to join the ceremonies due to experiencing discomfort. Thus the headline Queen misses jubilee service attended by Prince Harry and Meghan

This announcement was made on Thursday following the second day of celebration. It has been also revealed that the Queen is set to miss the Epsom Derby event on Saturday. Buckingham palace stated that the 96-year-old monarch will follow the event on television at Windsor Castle. She also took to the television to follow the event all the way through.

Buckingham place reported the Queen’s content with the overall programs. She appreciated the amazing grand opening ceremony. She quoted saying she would miss the service on Frida with “Great reluctance” considering “taking into account the journey and activity required to participate.”

Harry and Meghan’s Presence in the Jubilee

Although recently Meghan and Harry decided to break away from the royal family and give up their royal titles they still attended the entire event. Meghan was considered by the media as an outcast in the royal family just like her mother-in-law Princess Diana. Harry and Meghan decided together to move to America after what they considered living a royal life not suited for them. With that, they also renounced their claim to the throne. It was mainly due to the lineage of Meghan Merkle that came from. She was an actress before her marriage to Prince Harry. She was also previously married before she met the Duke of Sussex.

The service was an opportunity for the royal get-together of all family members. Although they didn’t want to live in the palace, Harry and Meghan attended the ceremony. A bulk of 400 people from all the designated nations of the UK attended. “The national thanksgiving to celebrate the platinum jubilee of the queen ” was the event that was much anticipated. It is due to their presence that the headlines read Queen misses jubilee service attended by Prince Harry and Meghan.

The Queen’s Absence in the Jubilee in the presence of Harry and Meghan

The queen is known for snubbing the Royal members who deviate from Royal responsibilities. Even before Harry and Meghan were not married, it was reported that the members were reluctant to accept Meghan. This also became more evident as it was reported that Meghan was finding it hard to blend in with the family. Even it was reported she was having a rift with some of the closest members of the family. The queen was also upset when Harry and Meghan decided to leave the Royal Palace.

The occasion was marked by the opportunity for the mass spectators and ardent royal family followers to witness Harry and Meghan up close. They entered on time with other royal guests and took the seat next to Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, their husbands and Prince Andrew’s children. Prince Andrew was absent due to the recent controversy that surrounded the Prince.

Harry and Meghan also managed the opportunity to attend the Trooping the Colour ceremony that was officiated on Thursday. Still, they had a low profile with very fewer media exposure but they seemed delighted as they were seen observing the events from the Major General’s Office overlooking Horse Guards Parade, which was their first combined appearance at a royal event in two years. But the key focus was on Queen missing jubilee services attended by Prince Harry and Meghan and any possible link-up between the two events. It was due to this rumored link that it got reported as
Queen misses the Jubilee service attended by Prince Harry and Meghan.

Other events

The Queen determined last month that only working royals would be allowed to the traditional balcony presentation. That traditional presentation showcased an eventful parade held Harry and Meghan did not join other members of the royal family.
Trooping the Colour not only commemorated the Queen’s actual birthday, but it acted as a prelude to her four-day Diamond Jubilee weekend. A concert will be held at the palace on Saturday, and a pageant will be held on Sunday.

The annual Northern Lights sound and light show, which takes place on Parliament Hill from June to September, will get a new section in its celebration. o visually depict the legendary Queen’s reign, dynamic animation will be used to portray and mark historical pictures of the Queen’s travels in Canada. During those months, Château Laurier will also host a Canadian Heritage display called The Queen and Canada. The exhibit includes photographs of the Queen in Canada throughout her reign.

The Platinum Jubilee will mark a historical festival week for the entire people of the UK and the commonwealth countries. At the same time, it will be an opportunity for a royal ensemble. But the remark will remain that the Queen misses the Jubilee service attended by Prince Harry and Meghan.


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