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It’s hard to digest but Ronaldo and Messi last world cup in 2022 is going to take place in Qatar.
Some players play the game. But once on a Blue Moon, some players grace the field, and they redefine the game. They change the perspective of the fans, they convert the people into faith in the beautiful game. It’s fair to say, Messi and Ronaldo changed the game. They inspired a whole generation and made football the greatest sport in the history of the world.

Where it all started

From humble beginnings, the love of football drove them. Once the ball touched their feet, the game would never be the same. Cristiano Ronaldo hinted that this could be the last ever World cup. At the same time, Messi affirmed that the FIFA world cup 2022 would be the last time we will see the little Magician dancing on the field. Let us revisit the timeline of the greatest players probably ever to play the game in the biggest stage of all.

The Ronaldo vs Messi debate: Ronaldo and Messi last world cup 2022 is going to take place in Qatar. But ironically their debut was also together. And It was the first world cup for both of them. In the 2006 FIFA World Cup, they debuted for their team. Even Messi scored against Serbia. It was the stage where people first witnessed that something great was about to start. People already started to get segregated based on their support for their favorite player. English Premier League had Cristiano Ronaldo and La Liga had Lionel Messi. Europe has CR7 and Latin America has LM10.

The stage was set for the biggest rivalry that would grasp the world of football. Debates, comparisons, and analysis began to surround the two players. Even now, the world is divided into one single question. Who is better Messi than Ronaldo? Battles have been fought and memes have been created but one thing remains the same. The Legendary status that these two players implemented in the biggest stage of the game. Even fate would have it that the biggest rivalry in the sporting brand Nike vs Adidas deepened as Ronaldo was Sponsored by Nike and Messi by Adidas.

How the rivalry started to become popular

These two mercurial individuals were schooled by two of the best coaches in the history of football. Sir Alex Ferguson. Man U legend and at the same the most successful coach in the Premier League. He took the English club to such heights that are still unparalleled today. Legends we were born under his careful eyes and he always had the eye to spot our immaculate talents. When Manchester United played a club-friendly against Sporting CP, Sir Alex knew then and there that CR7 is going to be the next biggest thing in football. Cristiano Ronaldo began to gain the maximum level of proficiency in football under the watchful eyes of Sir Alex. He has been crowned the best footballer in 2008 after successfully winning the champions league in the same year.

Frank Rijkaard first introduced Messi to the world as a 16-year-old relatively unknown kid who played alongside the greats like Ronaldinho. The kid was a La Masia product and it was rumored inside the club that he is going to be the successor of Maradona and one of the biggest footballing legends in the club. Little did they know that his fame and genius would transcend beyond the boundaries of the club and crown him as one of the, if not the greatest player in the history of football.

Pep Guardiola took over from Frank and created arguably the greatest team in the history of football after Real Madrid. Barcelona under Guardiola boasted stellar performers like Iniesta, Xavi, and the one and Only Messi. This team won everything in club football including a treble and a record 6 titles in one season. Barcelona supporters still get nostalgic when they remember the old Tiki Taka beauty of the game. The dominance of Barcelona and Manchester United set the stage for the biggest rivalry in football surrounding Messi and Ronaldo. When inspiration meets passion, obsession is born.

Individual Achievements

One diminutive quiet and unassuming, the other an Adonis, carved from stone. And then on the biggest stage, they met. In the 2009 Champions League Final. There Barcelona won and Manchester United lost. But the story was yet to unfold. Ronald and Messi’s last World Cup 2022 is like everything will suddenly come to an end.

When Ronaldo Made a world-record move in 2009 towards real Madrid the true rivalry as we know began to take shape in it its ultimate form. Goals after goals were scored. Records were constructed and records were again broken. One inspired the other into greatness. A new era of Balon D’or started where only Messi and Ronaldo were the ultimate candidates to win it. And boy did they win it. They reigned in the sector for 10 years and still, they are tirelessly going at it. No wonder people are upset because Ronaldo and Messi last world cup 2022 will be the last showdown between the two giants.

They have immortalized the number 7 and the number 10 as the greatest goal scorers of the game. Messi is still the undisputed all-time top scorer in La Liga and Ronaldo has a career record of 815 goals. The total games played by Ronaldo is 1100. Messi played 957 games till now throughout his career and scored a staggering 759 goals. Ronald recently celebrated his 37th birthday while Messi is now 34 years old. Not of them are designated as forwards while sometimes they also act as playmakers.

Ronaldo and Messis last world cup 2022

Although they are generation-defining players fate has alluded to the misfortune of not winning the world cup. The biggest prize that every footballer places at the apex of his achievements are the FIFA world cup. But much to the dissatisfaction of the players and their fan base, they have failed to secure a World Cup for their team. Portugal has a history of producing generational talents now and then. After Luis Figo Ronaldo was hailed as the successor of Portugal’s greatest. He won a Euro in 2016 with his team. Messi has been and always will be considered the greatest in the game. And after Maradona, there was great responsibility upon the player to bring the Cup back to Argentina. In 2014 he went very close to winning it but again fate intervened and he had to give it up to mighty Germany.

All eyes will be on Ronaldo and Messi as Ronaldo and Messi last world cup 2022 will be the center of attention for the world. Qatar is ready, the world is ready. Till now CR7 has made 17 appearances on the World Cup stage. He scored 7 goals with expected goals per game of 0.4. Lionel Messi appeared 19 times on the grand stage. He won the golden ball in the World Cup with 6 total goals and 0.3 expected goals per game.

Who will win Ronaldo and Messi last world cup in 2022?

No one builds a legacy by standing still. Two rival cities, two rival clubs, and two rivals. The stage was set for them as they drove an entire sport forward. The more these two Legends pushed each other, the bigger the hype was amplified. They created each other in form of a monster that the world stood back and watched in amazement. Recorded we’re broken, eye exploding numbers were achieved, goals after goals were scored. Game after game and year after year they amazed us with such dominance that was never experienced before.

They relentlessly drove each other to the optimum level until they became the very best. But when two Legends spread their simultaneous magic in the pitch we can’t help but compare the two at every twist and turn. No one is above any of these. Ronaldo and Messi last world cup in 2022 is the last that we see the two legends in the field for the last time. Let us all sit down, get together and appreciate the magic.


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